Is Your Transportation Company Capturing The Most Impactful Driver Behavior Data to Effectively Mitigate Risks


As a fleet manager, no matter how many times you review safe-driving guidelines with your drivers in person, you can’t go with them on their route to supervise their driving and enforce safety standards. Or can you? Cutting edge driver data technology from industry leader, Netradyne, enables fleet managers to see their trucks in action and understand precisely what’s going on around them. 

Read on to learn how this extraordinary innovator in driver data technology can help your company save money, eliminate the worry of false claims, and most importantly, ensure the safety of your drivers on the road.

Why Driver Data is Important

Being aware of both the habits of your drivers and the incidents they experience during their route is essential to your fleet management operation for several reasons:

  • It Cuts Fuel Costs – Idling for extended periods of time, accelerating rapidly, and slamming on the brakes of a truck all share one thing in common. They’re big-time gas guzzlers. Course-correcting all the above with your drivers will save you truckloads on fuel costs, especially as gas prices continue to rise.

  • It Saves You Money on Insurance – The more frequently your drivers complete a route safely without any issues, the better your chances of scoring a lower insurance rate with a trucking insurance company. If your drivers maintain clean driving records, it also greatly reduces the cost of insurance claims if an incident does occur.

  • It Could Prevent Serious Consequences – Short of an alien spaceship landing on the highway, trucks are the largest moving objects on the road. And as such, they’re the most dangerous. When you’re able to give your drivers specific instructions about what not to do behind the wheel, you encourage safe driving habits that mitigate the risk of future harmful, perhaps even fatal, accidents.

The Major Problem With Using Standard GPS’s to Collect Driver Data

Many fleet managers rely on standard GPS tracking systems to collect driving data. And that’s a crucial mistake.

Why? Because most GPS units are programmed to capture “change of inertia”—circumstances like hard braking, lane departure, and collisions. But without a video component, standard GPS users are left with a whole bunch of stats and zero context to shed light on them.

How Netradyne is Changing The Game

The Trucking Proud Insurance Agency utilizes cutting-edge fleet management software from Netradyne, the first driving technology to combine artificial intelligence with high-tech video and intuitive onboard sensors. With Netradyne, you can capture the full driving experience to bring you meaningful, comprehensive data.

Whereas most driver technology platforms are only capable of uploading videos to the Cloud for later viewing, Netradyne’s signature Driveri technology platform can process data in real-time. Plus, it comes with up to 100 hours of storage. This enables you to observe your drivers in real-time and experience their route almost as if you’re riding shotgun next to them. 

But Driveri offers far more than just live video. It also comes equipped with the following features:

  • Portal – The Driveri Portal brings you valuable, real-time metrics about your drivers’ following distance behind other cars on the road, their response to traffic signals, and their current driving conditions—including details as minute as the texture of the road. The Portal also sends both you and your drivers customizable instant alerts. This lets you choose which specific actions you want to focus on with your drivers. Talk about painting a complete picture.

  • 360-Degree View – Driveri’s cameras provide a live view through the driver’s front windshield that identifies all potential risks. Additionally, the camera lets you see through the truck’s side windows, and even gives you the option of setting up a third angle on the driver, so you can observe their behavior behind the wheel. You’ll see everything that’s happening from every angle, both inside and outside of the truck.

  • Driver Recognition – Conversations with your drivers shouldn’t just be rooted in constructive criticism. You should also reward your drivers for the things they do well. Driveri’s unique recognition system notifies you when your drivers hit certain safety milestones so that you can make sure to high-five them later.

  • High-Definition Maps – Thanks to commercially deployed Driveri devices, you’ll be given an in-depth overview of both the area surrounding your driver’s trucks and the places where your trucks are headed.

Goodbye, False Claims!

In addition to lessening the chance of an accident, Driveri’s capacity to record and contextualize eliminates the possibility of another driver on the road filing a false claim that sends your insurance rates through the roof.

Drivers will have a tough time convincing anyone that one of your drivers made a mistake when a 360-degree, high-definition video proves otherwise.

Get Netradyne For Your Fleet

When it comes to fleet management, an informed operation is a successful operation. And it doesn’t get more informed than when Netradyne’s unrivaled Driveri platform covers every square inch of your drivers’ routes.

To back your fleet of trucks with driver technology that boosts morale, mitigates risk, and gets rid of false claims altogether, call the Trucking Proud Insurance Agency today!


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